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We support professionals to create new services, enable them to scale and provide a structure to execute projects.

Learn how to innovate and receive personal support to overcome challenges.

Use our economies of scale to reduce costs. Think about office space, stationary or liability insurances.

We like our freedom. But we don’t like to be alone. So we have created a company that supports us to achieve amazing results.

A word from the founder

I have always wanted to be free in my work. To work at a time and place that is convenient to me. To work with colleagues I like or admire on projects that excite me.

So I decided to become a self-employed professional.
But not alone. I wanted a company to support me.
That company is 1 OCEAN.  

1 OCEAN provides me with the benefits of a company, without compromising my freedom. A company that supports me to generate business, to develop myself as a professional and to reduce my costs. I'am loving it and my clients love it. I am inviting you to experience it yourself.

If it is to be, it is up to me, but I am not alone

Join us

Are you an open minded professional? Would you like to be part of something unique, without compromising your freedom? Then join us. We open our community and share our insights, our network, and our best practices. 

Would you like to work with us, or become a 1 OCEAN partner?
Then please contact us for a cup coffee at our Rotterdam office. We would love to hear your ambitions and challenges.

Groot Handelsgebouw
Stationsplein 45
3013 AK Rotterdam
The Nederlands

+31 88 1414 800

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